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FWRD is a CRM strategy and implementation consultancy. We are passionate about assisting our clients to build organised and scalable businesses through the implementation of smart, cloud-based software.

We are proud Zoho One Solution Partners that specialise in implementing, customising and integrating Zoho’s suite of 50+ software applications. We work exclusively with Zoho technology to ensure we maintain our expertise across a rapidly growing suite of world-leading applications.

Our team has proven experience in working with a wide range of businesses across the B2B and B2C sectors regardless of their size, level of experience or technical ability. We can operate 100% remotely enabling us to efficiently support a global client base with zero impact on customer service.

FWRD CRM Conference


Our mission is to help businesses achieve their growth potential by streamlining and organising their operational processes for maximum productivity and profitability.

The ultimate goal is to allow our customers to operate at the level of a team twice their size through the effective use of a completely custom Zoho software solution.

We differentiate ourselves through our ability to deeply understand and document the challenges faced by the businesses we work with. Our clients trust our expertise and ability to resolve these challenges by tailoring Zoho to their specific needs.

We chose to partner with Zoho as our preferred service provider because its software is affordable, highly customisable and can be integrated with almost anything.


As partners of Zoho for eleven years, FWRD have a close working relationship with the Zoho team. We have spent time at Zoho HQ brainstorming enhancement ideas with the product managers and working alongside the people that build and support the Zoho apps we work with everyday.

We draw on our experience of working with businesses in a broad range of sectors along with direct feedback from our customer base to relay to Zoho how each application could be adapted or extended to meet the operational requirements of real world business cases.

The benefit for our customers is that we eliminate the need for them to seek help through the general Zoho support channels. This is not only a huge time saver, we can also ensure their issue or request is expedited to the right person, formatted in the right way, in the fastest possible timeframe.


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