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Andrew Jennings – Apple Financial Services Zoho Case Study

Updated: Oct 31

A photo of Andrew Jennings – Apple Financial Services

Are you struggling to connect the software dots? Andrew spent years running multiple different systems, duplicating data and wasting time on database management. Find out how we helped him to streamline his processes with Zoho CRM.

Andrew Jennings is the director of Apple Financial Services, a boutique financial planning business offering excellent financial advice to help guide you through the major steps in life. For more information visit –

“I’ve spent years running three of four different systems, thanks to FWRD, I now have one – Zoho CRM. Our experience of working with FWRD has been fantastic, they have made it a really easy process for us to go through. The sooner you go ahead and do it, the better your business will be for it.” Andrew Jennings – Apple Financial Services

Andrew Jennings – Apple Financial Services / 08 9409 9900

Case Study Transcription:

Q – Tell us about your business

My name is Andrew Jennings, I’m from Apple Financial Services. We have a positive impact of people’s lives and help them with their tomorrow. What that means is that we provide expert advice in financial planning, superannuation, mortgage lending and wealth creation.

Q – Who is your team?

There are two of us, myself and my wife Lesley. We are both qualified planners and mortgage brokers. For the most part my role is customer facing, Lesley is the engine that drives everything else.

Q – What issues were you facing in your business?

We had so many different systems where all our client details were contained. Specifically, we would have our mortgage clients in one and our planning clients in another. We had nowhere to put our referral partners and as such we couldn’t send one single message to all of our clients, it was segmented and didn’t really provide the opportunity to send the message that we wanted, so that was the main driver behind it.

Q – What has stopped you from doing this before?

We set ourselves a path of growth last year. Up until then we just went what we had previously but as we went through the months last year, we realized what we had didn’t really fit what we needed.

Q – Why did you choose ZOHO CRM?

Partly because Frances was recommended to us by someone that we trust. After we met with the FWRD team, it was super easy for us to be able to get what we wanted.

Q – What has been your experience of ZOHO CRM?

It’s been great, it’s really being able to deliver what we needed. We can send one single message to all of our client database that tells them what we want to tell them and not just segment specific.

Q – Would it be easier to grow your team with ZOHO CRM in place?

Absolutely, yes. Just working through the different options that are in the modules it will definitely be easy to implement. It will be easy to teach to any new staff members that we bring on. It will help us manage them and their processes much better and be able to provide feedback and management functions for us. So definitely.

Q – What was your experience of the process?

It’s easy as. The meetings, the webinars, the telephone calls, it’s been a really easy process for us to go through and yeah there’s loads of information in Zoho and it takes a little while for it to go through your brain to see exactly how it works, but in terms of what FWRD deliver, it’s been fantastic.

Q – What has been your experience of working with FWRD?

You ran through all the different options of the start and you’ve come down into the office again to provide more ongoing service. We’ve got access to the training vault, you’re on the end of the phone whenever we need you, it’s just been fantastic again.

Q – What would you say to someone who is still on the fence?

Get off the fence, absolutely. The sooner you do it the better your business will be for it. I spent years of running three of four different systems, having one system, it’s a little bit of extra initial work but it’s so worth it in the end. So get off the fence.

If you would like to know more about how FWRD can support you in building a streamlined, scalable and saleable business, book a consultation today:


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