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Catherine Pazvakavambwa – Kalahari Business Advisors Zoho Case Study

Updated: Oct 31

Photo of Catherine Pazvakavambwa

Catherine was struggling to organise her day and could not keep on top of the ever growing list of emails that were sitting unread in her inbox. She was needing a system that would help her keep on top of things especially whilst on the move. Discover how, after FWRD implemented Zoho CRM for Catherine, she was then able to gain so much time to let her run her business.

Catherine Pazvakavambwa is the CEO of Kalahari Business Advisors. It is mainly an accounting firm focused on consulting with small business’s and providing cash flow advice.

“Being able to utilise the system via the Zoho phone app whilst being offline overseas was a massive bonus for me. The implementation was seamless and communication with FWRD was great. We should have implemented Zoho earlier. It is for Accountants, if anyone needs Zoho, Accountants do.!’’ Catherine Pazvakavambwa – Kalahari Business Advisors.

Catherine Pazvakavambwa – Kalahari Business Advisers / 08 9200 3973

Case Study Transcription:

Q – Tell us about your business

My name is Catherine Pazvakavambwa and I am the CEO of Kalahari Business Advisors. It is mainly an accounting firm focused around consulting for small businesses, as well as cash-flow advice.

Q – Who is your team?

Myself, but I have virtual assistants that help me around Australia. It’s collaborative, so I’d say there’s about five of us, yeah.

Q – What issues were you facing in your business?

After having a long day of meetings and phone calls, and I just wasn’t able to actually find a way of consolidating everything for the day, so Zoho is helping me do that. I can just log in and I can see the prompts. I can see who I’ve added. I can see the tasks that I have for the day in there, as well as emails that I have or haven’t been responded to. I think everyone’s got that Outlook Inbox that is just shocking and mine is one of them, so I needed that. I just needed a way to, if I sat down, I can start or continue from where I left off without having to spend 45 minutes planning my day again.

Q – What has stopped you from doing this before?

If I needed it, the industry itself has very specific software that I was trained in. When I started this business, my focus was efficiency, so I don’t have a physical admin team. Once I lost that, I realised it was particularly difficult for me to operate without a CRM.

Q – Why did you choose Zoho CRM?

I like things that are malleable and scalable. I found after I was trained by Frances, it just helped me find things by myself. In fact, it helped me come up with really good questions for making my business work even more efficiently. I have all these ideas of how I can work further, so I loved how easy it was.

Q – What has been your experience of Zoho CRM?

I had contacts. I was away in Africa and I was able to add contacts offline on to my phone. I was pleasantly surprised because I used to do it on a notebook, which I once left on the plane.

Q – Will it be easier to grow your team with Zoho CRM in place?

I will be able to implement other services that I’ve always wanted to implement, but also I wanted to implement more of that relationship with my clients, the reminders that they need. It’s a busy world and also reminders for myself.

Q – What was your experience of the process?

I was online so no one had to get into a car to go anywhere, but the training was very easy, easy to follow as well. The implementation was very seamless and the communication was great as well because I was dreading it. I just thought another implementation, but this one was very easy and it’s happened within the timeframe that it was supposed to happen.

Q – What was the surprise bonus for you?

I need to have done this a lot earlier. I should have done it a lot earlier. I should have not pooh-poohed it and said it’s not for accountants. It is for accountants. If anyone needs it, it’s accountants, so that’s the biggest takeaway. Also, the other realisation I got was how much time I can gain if I can fully implement this, yeah.

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