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Patsy Lim – Starre Pty Ltd Zoho Case Study

Updated: Oct 31

A photo of Patsy Lim – Starre Pty Ltd

Patsy was frustrated with using systems that had limitations which restricted her from doing the things she wanted to do with her business. She researched many CRM systems to see which one gave her the greatest flexibility and scope.

Watch the video to learn why, out of so many other platforms on the market, Patsy chose to use Zoho CRM.

Patsy Lim is the CEO of Starre Paty Ltd, a Chartered Accountancy firm based in Perth, Western Australia.

“If you think you don't need Zoho CRM, just try it and upgrade it as you go, thats the best thing.”

Patsy Lim – Starre Pty Ltd / 0439935440

Case Study Transcription:

Q – Tell us about your business?

Hi, my name’s Patsy Lim. I am an accountant by profession. That was how I trained. So way back in 1980, I qualified as a chartered accountant.

Q – Who is your team?

We all work independently. For instance, my sister, who does all our digital photoshopping, that’s another person John he was the vice president of Citibank in Singapore, so he’s come alongside and working with me on the business side of it.

Q – What issues were you facing in your business?

Most of the time, a lot of people get by using the Microsoft Office, the content base. But it has its limitations. I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do. So I actually spent a lot of time checking this out.

I looked at sales posts. There were quite a few others. When I had my accounting practise, we had one called CA Systems, and that was brilliant. So I wanted something similar that I could use, ’cause I knew what was possible, and it took me a while to find something that gave me close to what I had when I had the accounting practise.

Q – What would you say to someone who is still on the fence?

Just start because it’s easier to start with ten names on the database than if you just start with 2000 names on the database, okay. But also if you think you don’t need it yet, then just go to the cheapest end and upgrade when you need to. Don’t buy the 20,000 deluxe model when you have 20 clients. Buy the level you need, upgrade as you go. That’s the best thing.

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