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Renee Jeffreys – Mi Casa Property Boutique Zoho Case Study

A photo of Renee Jeffreys – Mi Casa Property Boutique

Are you looking to update your old clunky CRM platform? See how implementing Zoho and working with FWRD has changed the way Renee and her team do business.

Renee Jeffreys is the managing director of Mi Casa Property Boutique, small residential sales and property management agency covering the Perth (WA) metro.

‘’Zoho is so user friendly. It’s integration abilities and user cost is very beneficial for our company’s needs. We chose Zoho because it integrated with a number of software platforms we were already using, making everybody’s life a lot easier. Our experience working with FWRD has been excellent.” – Renee Jeffreys

Renee Jeffreys – Mi Casa Property Boutique / 0403 124 699

Case Study Transcription:

Q – Tell us about your business and your team.

I’m Renee the managing director of Mi Casa Property Boutique. We’re a small residential sales and property management agency. We are an all-female team and our agents work across the entire metro area. We like to take part in a lot of different initiatives and campaigns to support the local community and we take very different approach particularly with technology in our business.

Q – What issues were you facing that prompted the CRM implementation?

Although we have a head office, most of our team work remotely so it is important for them to be able to understand what is happening in the business day-to-day and we wanted to provide them with a solution to reduce their administration burden. At the management level, we wanted an effective reporting mechanism to provide us with a clear insight into what activities were working and what’s our return on investment to ultimately help us achieve our sales goals.

Q – What stopped you from implementing a CRM solution in the past?

We are still a new business, only six months in operation, so it was important for us to test and see. We’ve tried a couple of different alternatives that we felt were a bit clunky, our previous system was simply not user-friendly and resulted in us doing more admin than we wanted to. Consequently, this meant we struggled to get the interest and engagement from the agents in our team. In the end, we chose Zoho because it’s a system that actually makes everyone’s life easier.

Q – What has been the surprise bonus for you?

The biggest surprise bonus for us is the fact that Zoho is so user friendly. Mostly our services are performed out of the office so we wanted to ensure that our agents have access to the tools they need to perform their job easily and efficiently. We frequently introduce new services into the business so we needed to make sure that the system was flexible enough to cope with that and so far it’s proven that it is.

Q – Why did you choose Zoho CRM?

What I really liked about ZOHO was that it integrated with a number of the other software platforms we are already using in our business, particularly across our marketing campaigns, and this ensured it could all be integrated together. That in itself makes everyone’s life a lot easier and we’re not double-handling. So definitely its integration abilities and user cost is also an important factor, so far we’ve seen that the Zoho model is very beneficial for us.

Q – Do you consider the implementation to have been a success?

Defintely Yes. Having a local point of contact is much better for us than having a help desk somewhere else in another country, we see this as just another hurdle that we have to jump through to try and get the support we need. We are very immediate in our business and we like responses pretty quickly, so it’s so great to have that level of service.

Q – What’s been your experience of working with FWRD?

Excellent. I really enjoyed working with FWRD and I believe that I will keep adding new initiatives around the technology in our business and that’s something we’re really interested in as well.

Q – What would you say to someone who is still in the fence?

I think you’ve just got to test it and try. Everyone will have different preferences and choices. I think you have to put it out there and get it working for you. If something isn’t working for you, don’t just assume the whole system doesn’t work, actually ask those questions to ensure it can be customized to work best for you.

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