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Advanced Business Analytics
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Report on your data to make critical business decisions based on actuals, trends and anomalies then bring that data to life in visually engaging dashboards

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Getting your CRM and supporting software optimised and functioning at an optimum performance level is job number one. What now?

Cleansing and managing your data is critical to operational efficiency, but how do you take that data and use it to elevate your business to the next level of growth and success? You analyse it!

There are four common struggles we hear from business owners around reporting:

It’s a manual and time consuming process to compile our reports

We’re not convinced the data in our reports is 100% accurate so we manually cross check everything

We’re struggling to report on data that is coming from multiple different sources (both inside and outside of Zoho)

We’re not sure what to report on or how to build the reports

Fear not, the FWRD team has the skills and experience to resolve all of these issues and more. In addition to assisting with the development requirements, we can also provide a consultancy service to advise you how to maximise your reporting results.

Whilst we are skilled in working with the native reporting functionality available in each of the Zoho applications, some of the most exciting reports and dashboards we’ve created have been built in Zoho Analytics.

This powerful platform has been designed to elevate your business intelligence reports and data analytics to the next level.

In Zoho Analytics we can cross-report on data from an extensive range of sources. This includes data from each of the Zoho applications along with many of the most popular cloud platforms in the marketplace.


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