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Zoho Flow is an integration platform that helps you connect your apps to automate complex business workflows. With 500+ apps across 65 categories included in the platform, you can achieve an uninterrupted flow of information across your entire business operations. Using Flow, FWRD can build smart integrations tailored 100% to your specific requirements without the need for costly coding.

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Whilst we always recommend migrating as many of the software applications you’re paying for to the Zoho alternative, to reduce costs and achieve a great level of connectivity between your software platforms, we understand this approach doesn’t work for everyone.

It might be that you’re using an industry specific platform that performs a specific function in your business, perhaps your accountant specialises in a certain financial platform or it might just be your personal preference to continue to use another software because you love what it does, or the hassle of migrating your historical data is putting you off making the switch.

Seamless Data Transfer

Out of Hours Automation

Improve Customer Service

Real Time Updates

Reduce Admin Time

Eliminate Human Error

Two-Way Data Sync

Trigger Automated Notifications

Improved Reporting Capabilities

Eliminate Data Duplication

Whatever your reason for wanting to integrate with Zoho, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced development team utilise a range of integration platforms to streamline the data transfer process. This includes pre-templated solutions like Zoho Flow and Zapier that require zero or minimal coding. If the integration requirement is more complex or the platform you’re looking to connect isn’t support by Flow or Zapier, we can develop a custom integration solution.


Our developers specialize in a range of different programming/script languages including Zoho Deluge/Zoho Creator, Javascript, & PHP, and are experienced in working with Laravel, AWS, and Digital Ocean.



Integrate your favourite applications with Zoho to streamline
operations and eliminate data entry duplication

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