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Maintain Your History Then Start A Fresh

FWRD can seamlessly migrate your legacy data into Zoho to eliminate any loss whilst cleansing the data in the process.

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At least 80% of the Zoho projects we undertake include a data migration requirement. The data is typically presented to us in CSV format or another software platform, often multiple platforms.

Whilst we have the option to use Zoho’s data migration wizard, often our clients data migration requirements fall outside of the wizard's capabilities, resulting in the need for us to build a custom Zoho import widget.

The benefits of a widget is that we can pre-determine precisely how the data will behave during the import. We can also thoroughly test the outcome of the import widget before we undertake the live data transfer to guarantee a seamless transition from old system to new.

Another reason for using a custom widget is that we can define the way different data types interact with one another once they've been imported. This includes creating relationships between data in different modules and different Zoho applications.

Before we undertake the migration we can support you with cleaning up the data by:

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