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Celebrating 12 Years of Partnership: Zoho and FWRD CRM

Image showing FWRD CRM getting their 12 year partnership with Zoho CRM

Partnerships that stand the test of time are worth celebrating. Recently, Zoho, the popular software company, celebrated its 12-year partnership with FWRD CRM. This is a significant milestone, as it marks over a decade of efforts towards streamlining and organizing businesses.

In this blog post, we delve into the story of how the partnership between Zoho and FWRD CRM evolved over the years, the advantages it brings to businesses, the challenges faced, and the solutions implemented.

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FWRD's History in The Making

Frances Blackie, the director of FWRD, has been a Zoho Partner for 12 years. Her background in real estate and fashion perfectly blends with her passion for sales and marketing, which is what FWRD aims to achieve for its clients. Her reputation for being organized is reflected in the passion she had for streamlining and organizing businesses using Zoho's software.

Photo showing where FWRD CRM is based globally

Over the years, the partnership has had its ups and downs, but it has yielded a considerable return on investment (ROI) for thousands of businesses that use their software. One particular challenge FWRD CRM has faced is working with small businesses that can't afford their services.

Implementing Zoho Creator with FWRD has allowed us to reduce the number of staff who process orders and invoices. In total, the ROI on implementing this will be under 18 months and has greatly improved the operational efficiency of the business.
Working with FWRD has changed our mindset to focusing on automation and efficiencies when we build out new processes. Zoho continues to surprise with its broad range of tools and apps.
— Oliver Tadd - Energenie (FRWD customer)

However, they came up with a solution that fits every business's budget by offering a free trial, affordable packages tailored to each business's size, and comprehensive customer support.

Delivering Innovative And Quality Service

Zoho has remained committed to delivering high-quality service and innovative technology that streamlines business processes. Their flexibility and scalability make them accessible to businesses of all sizes, which has helped the tech giant maintain customer loyalty for over a decade.

They offer various software solutions that suit the diverse needs of businesses, such as accounting, CRM, marketing automation, and HR. The cherry on top of their personalized services is their commitment to using data protection technology to secure the privacy of their customers.

The partnership between Zoho and FWRD CRM has not only helped businesses stay organized but has reduced redundancy and increased productivity as well. By simplifying manual processes, Zoho has saved businesses tremendous time and money, giving them a competitive edge.

Their customization capabilities mean that businesses can tailor the software to their specific needs, giving them even more value for their money.


In conclusion, the success of Zoho and FWRD CRM's partnership is a testament to the benefits of long-term partnerships and the importance of consistent innovation.

Businesses need a software provider they can trust. Zoho and FWRD CRM's partnership offers flexible, scalable, and innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes, reflecting a commitment to helping businesses thrive.

The future looks bright for both companies, and we can't wait to see what more they'll achieve together.

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