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Managing Your Emails In Zoho CRM

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

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Managing emails sucking up too much of your time?

  • Are you spending too much time in your inbox?

  • Are you always hunting back through your sent items to find an email?

  • Are you constantly looking for previously sent emails so you can copy and past them to send again?

  • What could you do with an extra 13 hours a week? (On average, this is how much time we spend on emails each week. You could make more sales, see more clients, even knock off early on a Friday 🙂

Save Time Whilst Emailing More

Save Time Whilst Emailing More

Imagine a solution that neatly organised all of your emails and then automatically linked them to the contact they relate to in your database! No more folders, sub folders, tagging and flagging. Eliminate the need to Cc and Bcc your team, freeing up space in their inbox and ensuring they read the correspondence they need to.

Zoho has the answer and we’re here to enlighten you…

Our clients report that the email management feature in Zoho CRM has had the biggest impact on streamlining their working day and reducing their email admin burden. One of the first recommendations we make to all our clients is that they integrate their CRM system with their emails.

You can send ad-hoc emails to any of your contacts via the system, or you can utilise the handy email templates feature.

You can create a template for all your frequently sent emails such as appointment confirmations, networking or meeting follow ups, thereby significantly reducing your overall email admin time. By making use of the merge fields for names and other specific information, you can send a personalised email template to a group of people.

Once the email has been sent it will be visible from the contact record for you and all other users of your CRM to view. Zoho will automatically associate all incoming and outgoing emails to the contact record it relates to. No more organising into folders, Zoho does the hard work for you.

This means that in every contact record you can see a complete overview all email correspondence they have had with every member of your team. Of course, this is profile settings dependant, it is possible to restrict members of your team from seeing the full email history.

Use artificial intelligence to improve your email success rate

Zoho even go one step further in helping you to monitor the performance of your emails so you can determine how well your email efforts are being received. Email Insights make open rates and click-through rates readily available, so you can monitor email response contextually and easily gather email analytics.

Data available to you includes the Total number of opens, the first time and the last time the mail was opened along with the total number of clicks recorded.

To increase the chances of your emails being read, take advantage of Zoho’s A.l. powered assistant, Zia. Zia is data intelligent, learning how each salesperson uses their account, from the data they enter to the strings of activities they perform every day.

It will also monitor the activity of your prospects giving you feedback on the best time of day to contact them by phone and by email taking their time zone into consideration, will significantly increase your chances of getting your email seen.

You have the option to integrate Zoho CRM with your chosen email server or management platform e.g Outlook, Gmail or Office 365. This means you can email out from either platform and the email will be visible from the sent items of the other platform its connected to.

Your CRM does all your email organisation for you

Zoho will also ensure that any emails relating to individuals in your database, will automatically be mapped to their contact record, regardless of whether they were sent from Zoho. You’ll also be able to see sent and received emails from the email app on your mobile device, in addition to Zohos CRM mobile app.

Within Zoho CRM you have the option to create HTML email templates which include pre-designed templates for follow-up, promotion and notifications. Whilst these templates are available, Zoho CRM is not designed to take the place of a mass email marketing platform.

Zoho have their own email marketing solution to rival popular platforms like Mailchimp called Zoho Campaigns. This is the platform we recommend you use for your newsletters and mass marketing campaigns.

However, if you are a steadfast Mailchimp user, there is an option to integrate it with Zoho CRM for a small monthly fee.

Either way, from an efficiency perspective, it’s imperative that your email marketing software integrates with your CRM system to ensure your list management stays up to date and your campaigns are targeted based on the database segmentation you have achieved in your CRM system.

Regardless of whether you’re using Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft365 or an internal server, Zoho has a solution to streamline your email management process. As a certified Zoho Partner we’re here to help you get set-up, organise your correspondence and reduce your email admin burden.

Ready to free-up wasted email hours from your working week?

To learn more about how you can streamline your email management and run successful email marketing campaigns, book a call with our friendly FWRD adviser to find out how we can help. No pressure, no obligation, we’re to help and point you in the right direction.



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