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How To Streamline Your Business Operations with Zoho CRM

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

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Organisation is the key to becoming more productive and profitable in your business. But getting organised involves a lot more than just straightening your desk and buying a new label maker. It involves creating streamlined systems and procedures for every area of your business operations.

For many of us, simply managing our activities is one of the biggest challenges we experience day to day. Zoho CRM makes this easy for you to manage, freeing up precious time spent on menial admin and leaving you with a sense of order and calm.

Many business owners come to us in a state of disarray, embarrassed that they’ve got piles of business cards, tons of spreadsheets, software for this and that but nothing is connecting and consequently they are duplicating data, left right and centre. Don’t be embarrassed, use it as the leverage you need to take some action.

Effective time-management with Zoho CRM

Time management with Zoho CRM - FWRD CRM

For many of the small business owners that seek our help, managing their daily activities, such as tasks, events and calls is one of the biggest pain points they are looking for support with. Having a CRM system like Zoho makes this process so easy, freeing up precious time spent on menial admin and leaving you with a sense of order and calm.

infographic showing good time management with zoho crm

The process of adding a task in Zoho CRM is a 2 second job. From any contact record, add a new task and set the tasks due date, making sure to change the priority if need be.

Next you can set a reminder and state how you want to receive the reminder. Once the task is saved it will be visible from the contact record along with your central to-do-list, making it super easy to view and prioritise your daily activities.

Next up is your calendar event management. From the contact record, click to add a new event. Give the event a name and set the start and end date before confirming the start and end time.

Accurately report where you spend your time with Zoho CRM

Calendar Zoho CRM - FWRD CRM

We create a custom field for all our clients to indicate the type or purpose of the event. This simple process results in an insightful report, breaking down all your appointed calendar activity in any given time frame. From a management perspective, this feature also helps you to easily assess where your team are spending their time.

The event is now visible from the contact record and the central calendar giving other members of your team access to your diary. Once the event has been added in Zoho, it will synchronise with any calendar platforms that we’ve integrated. The most common ones are Google and Outlook. This means your events will also be visible from the calendar app on your mobile device, in addition to Zoho's mobile CRM app.

The final daily activity we need to mange and track is our calls. Once again, from the open activities section of your contact record, click to Log A Call. Set the call purpose and then decide whether you want to time your current call, track a completed call or schedule a planned call.

Once the call has been scheduled it will appear in your calendar. At the time the call is due, a pop-up reminder will appear on your screen.

Zoho CRM can help you manage your time

There are several benefits to managing all of your activities with Zoho CRM:

  1. All of your tasks, meetings and calls will be visible from the contact, deal or campaign record they are associated with allowing you to view a full history of all relevant interactions and correspondence.

  2. Your team will have full access to each others calendars, tasks lists and notes, keeping everyone in the loop at all times and making it easy to schedule appointments and create tasks for one another.

  3. Connect Zoho CRM with your existing activity management systems such as Gmail and Outlook for a more streamlined and organised approach to admin management.

  4. With the use of Zoho’s CRM app you can synchronise all of your activities to your mobile device enabling you to access and update them anywhere, anytime, even without wi-fi.

If you’d like to connect the software dots and learn more about how you can better manage your daily activities in three simple steps, book a call with our friendly adviser to find out how we can help. No pressure, no obligation, we’re to help and point you in the right direction.



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