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Work after Covid: How will Zoho Apps help you

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Work after Covid: How will Zoho Apps help you

Work after Covid: how will Zoho apps help you

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the daily lives of millions of people around the world. In addition to behavioural changes, the pandemic introduced expressions like “Social distancing” into our vocabulary.

We stopped hugging friends and family, confined ourselves at home and socialising became a distant memory.

The way we relate has undergone drastic changes, but not just on a personal level.

Covid-19 introduced many of us to remote work

In the workplace, a large portion of the population was forced to adopt a model of remote work without any preparation. From one moment to the next, we had to learn to communicate, collaborate and deliver results remotely.

While some companies already had a remote-friendly policy, many have undergone enormous changes in their work model. For many workers, it was their debut in remote work and, as such, an adaptation period was necessary.

Work after Covid: how will Zoho apps help you

A year later, many companies have made the decision to go fully or partially remote. Technology, of course, has played a major role in this.

Today we present some Zoho apps that promote and facilitate communication and collaboration whilst working remotely. These are some of the applications that have helped companies successfully navigate business during the pandemic.

Communication and collaboration with Zoho Apps

If you have made the decision to work remotely, did you know that Zoho has in excess of fifty cloud based applications that can help you?

These apps were created to support businesses looking for an integrated and intuitive solution. No more using applications that only clutter your business processes and spread your data.

Zoho applications are focused on promoting communication and collaboration. They help businesses improve their outcomes by offering simple, intuitive and integrated solutions within a complete platform.

Keep reading to learn about the Zoho apps FWRD consider essential for any company that wants to work remotely!

Instant Messaging With Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq is a workplace collaboration app that allows you to engage with your teammates in real time. You can communicate through text, audio or video chat in order to improve business productivity at your workplace.

Cliq simplifies your team communication with organised conversations, searchable chat threads and by connecting to other useful tools you already use.

It features a multi-chat view that helps you keep tabs on multiple conversations at once. This will help you get a full picture of your active chat threads.

Zoho cliq

You can also keep teams informed on the same page with Channels. By creating different channels to separate projects or themes, you can collaborate with your colleagues in a more organised way.

One of the most useful features is searchable conversations. You can find all the information you need - previously exchanged messages, shared files or even information about a user - without leaving the chat.

Cliq is accessible from the toolbar of many Zoho Apps. This integration allows faster access, so you never miss a conversation!

Cliq Mobile Chat app

Did you know that Cliq is also available through a mobile application? Cliq Mobile Chat app is extremely useful because it allows you to carry your work in your pocket everywhere!

Do you have to take your child to football training but have some issues left unanswered? No problem. With Cliq mobile app you can work from the car or from the stadium benches while celebrating your child's goals.

You can also use virtual assistants like Siri to initiate a call while driving, without having to take your hands off the wheel. Cliq is extremely easy to use and has a drag and drop feature that allows you to share files easily.

The app is available for smartphones (Android and iOS) and tablets: just search for Cliq in the application market!

Meet Online with Zoho Meeting

With the challenges of getting everyone together in one room, virtual calls became the new normal. In the future, more companies all around the world will continue to work remotely.

As such, it is more important than ever to have a tool that is safe, reliable and cuts travel costs. This is where Zoho Meeting comes in.

Zoho meetings

Zoho Meeting allows you to conduct online meetings more efficiently while working from home. It is used by companies with workers spread all around the globe and helps them collaborate in real time and closely together. It is very simple to use and offers an enterprise level experience for all users.

Do you need to give support or show a project in progress to a client? Share your screen instantly with Zoho Meeting screen sharing feature.

In addition to sharing your screen, Zoho Meeting allows you to record meetings or webinars with Recordings.

Save your meetings to review and take notes later or share them with anyone with a link. You can also download the file and organize it as you prefer.

Zoho Meeting Mobile app

Zoho Meeting is also available as a mobile application. Start a meeting from a balcony in Italy or from your holiday home in the countryside!

Create meetings and add participants, all

from your phone!

Zoho Meeting Mobile App

Screen sharing is also available in the mobile version to promote more efficient collaboration. Carry all the features you love about Zoho Meeting in your pocket!

Collaborate with Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect is a modern intranet solution that leverages collaboration in organisations that work remotely. Zoho Connect brings together employees, partners, vendors and everybody who adds value to your work.

It is also very useful as an internal communication tool: share company newsletters, updates and any other information with employees.

Zoho Connect

Additionally, it offers workers a digital space where they can exchange ideas, suggest improvements and work together to achieve common goals. It is the ideal tool to promote a sense of community within your team members. Distance doesn’t have to mean ‘distant’ any more.

Onboarding has never been this easy: Zoho Connect promotes faster adaptation and allows employees to understand the company's culture, assimilating it much faster.

Webinars with Zoho Showtime

The fact that you work remotely does not mean that training is neglected, on the contrary. You can organise webinars, courses and remote training sessions with Zoho ShowTime.

Showtime is an excellent solution for the internal training of your employees and the external training of your clients.

In addition, you can also use it to monetize your skills and experience by sharing your know-how with an online audience.

Zoho Showtime user interface

WIth Showtime, you can build your webinars and training sessions from scratch within the platform, adding videos, images and other useful resources that will be presented or shared during the webinar.

Showtime also allows interaction with the participants, who can comment during the sessions, share their screens and carry out evaluation tests. There is also a library where you can place all training materials so that your trainees can go back to them later.

Advantages of using Zoho apps to communicate and collaborate

Remote work is the reality of our future. This pandemic has shown that it is not necessary to be in an office for 8 hours a day to work efficiently.

By working remotely and taking advantage of the Zoho apps presented above you will:

  • Save time in meetings

  • Save countless hours commuting

  • Be able to extend client base by supporting non local customers

  • Add talent to your team from anywhere in the world

  • Work with the certainty that everything is documented and recorded

  • Optimize your time and organize your day according to other commitments

  • Work in your pyjamas and leave the suit aside, at least from the waist down

These are just some of the 50 plus Zoho tools that could prove invaluable for you to collaborate with your team.

You can have access to ALL 50+ Zoho apps - including those mentioned above - under the very affordable Zoho One plan.

Please contact us to discover how FWRD works with businesses like yours to implement Zoho software according to your unique set of business requirements. Once we’ve customised and configured the software to meet your needs, we can train you how to use it in order to get maximum value from the software.

In short, we can help you propel your business FWRD with Zoho!



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