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Zoho ONE CRM implementation by FWRD Rewarding Databases

A photo of Clare Smith – Guardian Angel Fitness

Are you looking to consolidate all of your various software applications into one central hub? So was Clare. When she came to us she was time poor and working at capacity. See how implementing Zoho One and working with FWRD has transformed the way Clare runs her business. Clare Smith is a Naturopath and a health coach. She runs a busy practise and spends most of her day seeing clients in 1-2-1 appointments.

"I chose to work with FWRD because the passion and the excitement demonstrated by Frances on what could be achieved in my business was evident right from the first conversation. The solution that I was looking for needed to significantly decrease my admin to allow me to take on more clients.

Frances was able to describe how the system could be set up specifically to deal with my individual issues rather than it being a one-size fits all solution. The initial questioning about my business helped me to breakdown my workflow and uncover things I was doing in an unnecessarily long-winded way.

I was pleasantly surprised about the attention to detail FWRD demonstrated throughout the entire implementation. Those discussions, coupled with the understanding and immersion that FWRD had in my business meant they were almost like part of my team, trying to solve the problems along with me.

Without a doubt I can see how Zoho will help me to grow my business. I’ve ended up with a package that significantly reduces my admin and has hugely streamlined my organisation. It’s saved me hours and hours and loads of stress. I’m so much more organized and my clients are having a much smoother communication experience.

When I first was introduced to Zoho One, I couldn’t believe that there were 40 applications included in the package for a very small monthly cost. I wondered about the limitations of each individual platform, but in fact each application is a high-quality service in itself, plus they’re all integrated. It’s… mind-boggling.

To anyone who is sitting on the fence and undecided about whether this system is right for them, I would urge them to think about the kind of work-life balance they want to have, as ultimately it is an investment in your own time. My experience of Zoho CRM has been life-changing". Clare Smith

To find out how FWRD can support you with Zoho CRM, follow THIS LINK to book your complimentary systems review and software demo.

Clare Smith – Guardian Angel Fitness / 07855 254935

Case Study Transcription:

Q – Tell us about your business.

I’m Clare Smith, and I’m a naturopath and a health coach. And I help people who are struggling with chronic pain or discomfort or illnesses.We use functional medicine, herbs, body work, and lifestyle and nutrition approaches to help give them a healthier life.

Q – What issues were you facing in your business?

I was finding that I had so much admin to do with my clients, it was becoming harder and harder and harder, and I have a busy practice. So, initially, I reached out to try to find somebody to help me, and they knew of FWRD. And so, after a conversation to identify really where I was doing more admin than I needed to, or duplicating tasks, after that conversation, it became evident that a CRM package was something that was going to help me.

Q – What has stopped you from doing this before?

When you talk about a CRM, I think the system that I’ve got now is all-singing, all-dancing, and does a lot of different things. And I did have a clinic management system before that, but it was so limited. Because my business is complex and there are different facets to it, it didn’t…I was always limited. So, I was always using one kind of CRM, or package, for one job, but then another for another job and then another for another job, and none of them linked up. So, if I was dealing with one client, I had maybe four or five programs that I would go to, to do different tasks for them.

Q – Why did you choose Zoho CRM?

The initial recommendation that I had to speak to FWRD was based on somebody who was familiar with the Zoho One system. When I mentioned that I was going to speak to someone about Zoho, I was told it was a good brand, so people would already recognize it and said, “Oh, you know, I’ve done some work with that. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.” Really, it was the flexibility and the adaptability of it because, when speaking to FWRD, they were able to describe how the system could be set up specifically to deal with my individual issues as I went along, rather than it being a kind of blanket package that I had to fit myself to.

Q – What was your experience of Zoho CRM?

Oh, it’s just been life-changing. I’m so much more organized. My clients are having a much smoother communication experience. There have been two modules in particular which have been designed particularly for me. Whereas before I would create a supplement schedule for somebody to follow and it would involve me researching different supplements, compiling them together, putting the links together. And now, I have a bespoke module which has all the information, and I literally select, and then that gets emailed to the client.

So, the client can order directly from that module. It’s just saved me hours and hours and loads of stress. And again, with the herbal remedies that I use, creating prescriptions and then all the admin and the care that goes with that took me a long time to make sure I was being compliant. And now, that’s all part of the system. And it’s all related to the client record.

Q – What has been your experience of the Zoho One package?

When I first was introduced to Zoho One, I couldn’t believe that there were 35 applications that were included in actually a very small monthly cost. I wondered about the limitations of each individual application, that they’d be very basic. And in fact, the accounts package is better than my original accounts package. The campaigns, the CRM, which then integrates everything, it’s all kept on the client record. The whole thing, each application, is a high-quality service, but you have them all and they’re all integrated. It’s…yeah, mind-boggling.

Q – Can you see how Zoho will help you to grow your business?

Without a doubt, yeah. The solution that I was looking for was to be able to take on more clients and help more people without increasing my admin. In fact, I needed to decrease my admin in order to take on more clients. So, the capacity to do that is absolutely there. It’s the solution that I was looking for.

Q – What surprised you most about the implementation?

I think the attention to detail. The initial questioning, and questioning me about things in my business that I hadn’t even thought about but it was essential to the running of my business. And I was doing things in a very long-winded way, and I didn’t need to. So, being able to have that discussion and really break down and analyze my workflow and what I was doing, coupled with the understanding and the immersion that FWRD had in my business, it was almost like they were a part of my business, trying to solve the problem along with me. Yeah, and it kinda happened quite organically as well, and it was quite a creative process. So, I’ve become clear about my business and the processes of it through doing it and ended up with a package that helps the admin at the end of the day as well.

Q – Can you see how using Zoho CRM will have a positive impact on Sales?

When I speak to a new client, my initial consultation, and the information that they get from that is now organized, branded. It’s recorded, and it’s all in one space. And also, I can follow up with people who maybe, they’re not ready to get going right there and then, but all the information and their details are all in the system. And because it’s linked to the campaigns, and the social media, and the email system, that means that once they’ve contacted me, if they choose to, they can stay in the loop and still benefit from my information. And if they’re ready in a point in the future to come on as a client, then they can do that as well.

Q – How has Zoho CRM streamlined your organisation?

Hugely. Rather than have everything was in my head, it was literally everything. It’s freed up so much more headspace and peace, so that I can just enjoy my life and not be, kind of, constantly thinking, “Did I do that? What have I done about that? Oh, I’ve forgotten to send that email. What will I do about that? Has that person responded to my email yet?” Because it’s all right there on the system, so I can just look and see.

Q – Why did you choose to work with FWRD?

From the first conversation, certainly, the passion and the excitement for what could be done for my business was really evident, almost to the point of kind of thinking, “Are you sure that you could do be done” Because it sounded so good and so definite about what could be done. And I had my doubts because, you know, whenever a system is implemented into a business, there’s always teething troubles. It never quite works out the way…there’s always promises that don’t get met.

But from the further conversations that we’ve had, or that I had with FWRD, because of the interest in my business and because of the attention to detail, and because I could come back as well, if something wasn’t working, come back and say, “That wasn’t working,” it’d be fixed. It wasn’t something that I was left struggling with. So, that gave me a lot of confidence to go ahead with the project. And I’m really glad I did.

Q – How was your experience working with FWRD remotely?

That wasn’t an issue at all. I think if it had all been over the phone, it would have been more difficult. But because it was video-linked, and especially, I really enjoyed when we had a conference call and there were four members of the team on at the same time, three or four… And it was great. You wouldn’t know that it was remote because you could see everybody’s faces and…yeah.

So, there wasn’t an issue with it being remote at all. In fact, it was time-saving because you’re not in a meeting, everything is time-framed. And I particularly liked FWRD’s attention to time allocations because it saved my time. It made things efficient. And it ran really well. Also using the Zoho Connect functionality was just brilliant. You get the notifications, so you can, kind of, come on.

You see there’s five messages. Things get followed up and they’re all in threads so that you know what response went with what question. And so, yeah, it was brilliant.

Q – Is there anything during the process FWRD didnt deliver on?


Q – What impact will this process have on your business?

When FWRD said to me, “That’s what you get when you start working on your business, instead of in your business,” that was huge and a great piece of advice to takeaway to then continue doing that and continue reflecting on what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.

Q – What would you say to someone who is still on the fence?

I think it would depend on their business and how they want to run it and the kind of work-life balance they want to have. It is an investment in your own time.

If you would like to know more about how FWRD can support you in building a streamlined, scalable and saleable business, book a session with us below


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