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How Zoho is Preparing for Bots to take over Business

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We live in the age of instant information and communication. With the advent of the internet and technology, physical and temporal barriers for companies no longer exist.

If you are present on the internet, your business has a digital window accessible 24 hours a day. As such, potential customers expect the same availability from you.

  • How many customers have you lost by not being able to provide fast and effective customer support?

  • How many sales opportunities were picked up by your competitors because they got there first? (or they were online when you weren’t)

  • How many messages went unanswered because they were sent outside of your employees' working hours?

In addition, nowadays we have more and more data available about our customers' preferences and activities, but are you taking advantage of it in a way that will benefit your business?

The Answer lies in Automation!

Image showing how automation and bots are setup in Zoho CRM

Automation is the use of technology to automate actions and common processes performed within your business. The aim of automation is to optimize operations, reducing human intervention and increasing efficiency.

It can be applied to Sales, Marketing, Accounting and many other areas of your business operations..

Bots, and particularly Chatbots, are fast becoming the latest and greatest trend in automation tools.

What is a Bot?

A Bot, short for robot, is a software program that automatically performs repetitive, predefined tasks. Well-programmed bots are able to imitate and in many cases replace human behaviour. They operate much faster than people and help businesses achieve more with fewer staff.

There are several types of bots, although the best known are chatbots.

Zoho CRM Chatbot

A chatbot is designed to convincingly simulate how a human would lead a conversation. An efficient chatbot can provide responses to users without the intervention of an employee. For many companies, chatbots are a way to optimize customer support and allow them to operate at the level of an organisation far bigger than they actually are.

Have you ever entered a website and experienced a chat window pop up on the screen immediately offering assistance? know that in most cases you are actually talking to a chatbot and not some poor soul working the late shift on a Saturday night.

How Zoho is using Bots

Zoho is embracing the power of automation to better understand customers and service them in real time without the need for human intervention. Zoho is taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence to provide businesses with more data to help them grow sustainably.

Continue reading to learn about three Zoho solutions that will allow your company to take advantage of bots. These tools will allow you to analyse user behaviour, predict what your customers need and provide them with the information they require, instantly.

Customer Experience Bot

If you're looking for a bot that helps you optimize your customers' experience of visiting your website, you should consider Zobot, SalesIQ's enterprise-ready bot platform. Zobot is a conversational chatbot that will help your team break free from repetitive customer questions, allowing them to focus on other priority tasks.

Before we go into the main advantages of using Zobot, we have to highlight one of its main assets compared to other solutions available in the marketplace: the fact that it doesn't need complex coding to be programmed.

Zobot can be configured by anyone using the codeless bot builder. All you have to do is create a flow and type in your bot responses and actions to your typical customer questions.

Zobot‘s skills

● Easily script it yourself, no code involved

● Can be embedded in live chat software on any website

● Can answer Frequently Asked Questions without intervention

● Redirects visitors to relevant content to their questions

● Redirects chats to human operators when it gets stuck

● Blocks IP addresses of harassers and spammers

● Possibility to add custom integrations

● User friendly programming interface that gives full control over the chatbot's


You can build your Zobot Chatbot on multiple platforms and integrate it with various services. Zoho supports five platforms on which you can build your bot assistant: SalesIQ Script, Dialogflow, Zia Skills Platform, IBM Watson and Webhooks.

Zobot is the ideal solution for businesses that have surpassed their capacity and want to improve their service by offering a better experience to potential customers.

Customer Service Bot

If your concern is to improve customer service, the perfect solution can be embedded into Zoho Desk (Zoho’s customer service ticketing app) and it's called Zia Bot.

Zia Bot is an AI-driven support assistant that will help you increase customer support efficiency through machine learning and data mining.

In case you are not familiar with AI - or Artificial Intelligence -, the term refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.

AI allows you to program robots to perform tasks normally associated with the human mind such as learning and problem-solving. In Zia's case, the more data she handles, the more she learns and improves.

This Answer Bot not only helps you improve your customer support right away, it also provides you with data and reports for the future.

Zia Bot’s skills

● Answers customer questions using information extracted from the Zoho Desk

knowledge base;

● Notifies you about topics for which the solutions found weren't helpful;

● Doesn't require scripting;

● Can be trained to perform actions for customers e.g. placing an order;

● Identifies whether the customer's message has a negative or positive sentiment

then prioritizes the ticket accordingly

● Processes incoming tickets and assigns them tags

Zia Bot needs content to learn from in order to provide useful answers to customers. If you choose to implement this solution, you will have to ensure that the bot has a good basis for learning. Try to keep your articles up-to-date and use simple and easy-to-understand language.

Zia bot will help you take your business to the next level. All this without needing to invest in hiring and training more staff.

Business Intelligence Bot

It is now time to meet Zoho's Business Intelligence Bot, Zia.

Zia is an AI-powered assistant for your business whose purpose is to make your job easier. Zia collects and handles data so that you know everything about your business, facilitating decision-making. It is a very complete solution for any business that wants to grow.

Zia’s skills

● It is present in many of the Zoho apps including CRM

● Has features for sales teams and managers

● Analyses customers’ interactions with your business, suggesting the best times to contact

● Recommends cross-sell products or services to customers based on their behaviour and preferences

● Suggests workflows to improve the efficiency of routine procedures

● Sets machine learning predictions for any dataset your organization needs (no code required)

● Distributes leads to sales team members based on availability and success cases

● Generates reports for any data you desire

Zia is an advanced solution for businesses that want to reach their full potential. This powerful tool helps you understand your business more deeply and optimize processes. It also helps you prepare for the future by making smarter predictions and delegating more effectively.

Advantages of using Zoho bots for your business

Automation has accelerated businesses, allowing them not only to provide quicker and more objective responses, but also to deeply understand their processes.

The biggest advantages of using Zoho bots to improve your business are:

● Increase your responsiveness without investing in personnel and training;

● Improve your image by improving your service;

● Solve customer problems faster, standing out from your competition;

● Reduce repetitive work and time-consuming tasks that keep your employees busy;

● Make decisions based on real data;

● Reduce costs and improve processes thanks to improved workflow;

● Having an assistant available 24 hours a day not only for your customers but also for managers and sales teams.

Zoho has various solutions according to your business goals. It doesn't matter if you run a small, medium or large company: each of the solutions presented above suits your business.

Please contact us so we can help you understand which of these Zoho solutions is best for your business specificities. We can recommend and implement any of these bots and train you so that you can make the most of the software's potential.

We are also available for any questions about the features of each of the Zoho tools.

We want to help you grow your business! Let’s move FWRD together with Zoho bots!


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